Your Ultimate DIY Tree Pruning Guide!

Most of you all are putting away your tools for the fall…but don’t be so quick to retire! Did you know that colder weather is the perfect time to prune? The foliage is gone, and the branches are clearly visible! The tree is dormant, so there is no bleeding of sap, and there are quite a variety of trees less prone to disease in the cold. Here’s everything you need to know!

small shrub

Prune your shrubs this fall with these simple tips!

What Do I Need?

  • Hand Pruners: Used to remove small branches (up to the size of about your middle finger).
  • Loppers: Used to remove 2-3 inch branches.
  • Pruning Saws: These are specialized saws whose teeth are spaced widely. Good for 5-6 inch branches.
  • Chain Saws: Used to remove large branches.

What’s My Reason For Pruning? 

A guide to live by is the Five D’s: dead, dying, diseased, deformed or damaged. These are all valid reasons for needing to prune. Do a check up every once in awhile, things change quickly!

Why Should We Prune?

  • Strength. This means pruning to make sure the branches are strong and stable, eliminating the possibility of damage by rain or snow. Look for branches that are rubbing together, and remove one branch. Rubbing together causes open wounds that lead to disease. Also remove water sprouts of suckers, and don’t forget to look at the base of the trunk!
  • Form. Many trees will thrive once some of the interior branches are removed. It allows for air circulation and sunlight! Remove a few leaders, which are branches near the top that grow vertically. Also remove inward growing branches, or those growing downward.

Don’t want to take on the task yourself? That’s great, because Whispering Springs Nursery can do it for you! We specialize in the pruning of trees and small shrubs. Give us a call at 770-893-1254 and we’ll help you out. Check out our other services as well, we do it all!