About Us

Whispering Springs Nursery was founded in 2000 on 3.15 acres of beautiful mountain land. We specialize in Woodland Garden plants and deer resistant plants. We enjoy the odd and unusual plants and try to carry a good variety of native woodland plants that aren’t as common. You will find a large variety of:

– Unusual ferns

– Annuals

– Perennials

–  Japanese Maples

– Evergreen and deciduous trees

– Many shrub varieties

– Vines

– Container plantings

– Hanging baskets

Educating Our Customers – We’re Happy to Help

Whispering Springs will help you choose the right plant for the right area. We want your experience to be wonderful and don’t want you to be discouraged by poor choices. We would rather not sell you a plant than to encourage a plant to be misplanted in the wrong setting for that plant. We enjoy educating and sharing knowledge with our customers. If we don’t know something about a plant we have a reference library we are happy to research for you. We can help you resolve insect and fungus problems as well.

We start many of our own plants, both annuals and perennials, and grow them to maturity in our green houses where we have control over the quality of the growing cycle. Our plants are of excellent quality and grown for what does well in our region.

Container Plants

One of our specialties are container plants. We start many of these from plugs so they grow in lush and healthy and not squished together. We use an artful eye in building the container pots for maximum WOW factor. We will also plant your containers for you. You can bring in your containers and we will either plant the plants you choose or we are happy to choose the plants and plant the containers once we know will it be in a sun or shade situation. We combine varieties that require the same light and moisture conditions so all the plants in our combos thrive.

Landscape Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Our Landscape division offers landscape advice, design and installation.  We do softscapes, hardscapes,  irrigation, water features, fencing, arbors and more…..

We also will do deliveries for those larger plants purchased that need a ride to your home.  It’s even been told, we have on occasion helped to walk that plant right into the hole you dug!  Now how’s that for “Service”!?  Then again, you can just have us plant it for you.