Steps & Walkways

Whispering Springs specializes in creating beautiful woodland landscapes in North Georgia, and our steps and walkways are key elements to optimizing these mountain environments.

Our skilled landscape design and installation team will evaluate your property to create steps and walkways that fit perfectly into your landscaping. These elements not only connect various areas, increasing accessibility and your ability to enjoy your full property, but can also add visual and architectural interest.

We are experienced in constructing many types of garden paths and stairs, including:

  • Stone garden pathways and steps
  • Timber garden steps
  • Concrete pathways and steps
  • Combination stone and timber outdoor steps
  • Paver, brick, and slate pathways and steps

With our variety of material options for garden steps and walkways, we can create long-lasting hardscaping elements that fit the architectural style and enhance the siting of your home. Check out our gallery and give us a call to get started creating walkways as beautiful and unique as your home.