Relaxing Water Features for the North Georgia Mountains

We provide a range of landscape design services in North Georgia, but one of our favorites will always be designing and installing water features. Waterfalls, ponds, fountains, and creeks are not only beautiful but can also provide benefits like these.

Benefits of Water Features in Residential Landscape Design

Fighting Stress

It’s no secret that spending time in nature is good for you. Researchers continue to publish studies about the psychological and physiological benefits of having regular contact with nature, ranging from increased happiness to improved cognitive function. While there’s not as much research specifically focusing on the role of water, it’s safe to say that a bubbling brook or cascading waterfall can supercharge your outdoor relaxation, helping you relax and reduce stress. There’s a reason why people gravitate to water, and you can bring it into your own yard or garden with a beautiful water feature.

Reducing Noise Pollution

Including a water feature in your North Georgia landscape design can also reduce noise pollution. The background sound of running water from a waterfall or fountain is a pleasant alternative to traffic, music, and other disruptions that can find you even in the mountains. Once your water feature is up and running, you’ll want to hear it 24/7… Which is good considering that the more you run a fountain or water feature, the better it will perform! Constantly moving water keeps the pump in good shape, prevents debris from accumulating, and ensures that pests like mosquitoes don’t decide to lay eggs there.

Helping Birds

Moving water discourages mosquitoes from invading a water feature, but it does the opposite for birds! If you love bird watching, replacing your birdbath with a water feature is a no-brainer.

There are 21 highly vulnerable bird species in Georgia, as well as 27 moderately vulnerable species. If you want to do your part to protect native birds, adding a water feature is a great option. The birds will appreciate having a place to drink, bathe, and cool off from the hot Georgia summers. Plus, you can enjoy some prime bird watching from your patio, porch, or even inside your home!

Purifying the Air

On the list of reasons to build a water feature, air purification is often overlooked. But not today! People these days are becoming far more educated about air quality and how it affects health, so we think this benefit is worth talking about.

Fountains and other moving water features produce negative ions as the circulating water evaporates. Those negative ions attract free-floating particles like dust from the air, cleaning it. This natural air purification removes dust, dirt, allergens, and other pollutants from the air, so you can breathe deeply and enjoy the North Georgia mountain air.

Ready to add a water feature to your landscaping? The great thing about our custom water features is that we can design one to fit just about any location. Want to add a large pond/waterfall combo to your woodland garden? We’ve got you covered. Looking for ways to add personality to a small courtyard or patio? We can create a compact water feature to fit your space. Give us a call at 770-893-1254 to get started, and check out the other services we offer here at Whispering Springs Nursery.