Welcome to the Whispering Springs Blog!

Welcome to the brand new Whispering Springs Nursery website and blog! We are thrilled that you are here and can’t wait to share all kinds of information, photos, projects, and inspiration with you!

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Whispering Springs Nursery is owned and operated by James and Debbie Grno. They live on the same property as the nursery, right out back! This is their passion project that they started in 2000 and since then they have completed many woodland garden projects in the near by neighborhood of Big Canoe, among others.

Whispering Springs takes pride in the fact that we grow many of our own plants – both annuals and perennials  This gives us control over their growing cycle and allows us to grow the varieties that thrive in the north Georgia climates and soil. Because of the dense population of deer in our area, we specialize in deer-resistant plants. No one wants to spend money on installing a beautiful new garden and have it immediately eaten by woodland creatures! To help preserve your investment, we help you select the plants that are not only beautiful, but will not become a salad bar for the friendly creatures that we share our homes with.

We will be sharing with you here on our blog weekly. We will share everything from the latest plants that are growing in the nursery, inspiration for your garden, and tips and tricks on how to help your garden thrive. We look forward to getting to know you over the many weeks to come!

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Come see us in Jasper, GA soon!