Deer-Resistant Dos and Don’ts

Up here in the north Georgia mountains there are some critters that we love to see frequent our gardens. Monarch butterflies, honey bees, a cardinal, blue jay, or finch, maybe even a spare humming bird to two. On the other hand, there are lots of other woodland creatures that we hope to never see walking through our freshly planted gardens of tender spring-green leaves – deer and rabbits! Whether you are a strict vegan or an avid huntsman, no one wants to see the supposedly ‘gentle’ creatures chowing down on your hard earned and hard worked landscaping. At Whispering Springs Nursery in Jasper, GA, we specialize in creating deer-resistant landscapes that are less likely to become lunch for the white tailed wanderers.

Deer DosDeer Garden Img

When choosing plants for your landscaping, keep in mind which do and don’t attract deer. There are some plants – like roses – that deer absolutely love. Instead of filling your landscape with these beautiful but thorny blooms, choose other flowers that are less likely to attract deer. Some great choices are red cedars, magnolias, barberry, lilac, quince, bleeding hearts, and carolina jessamine. If you just love geraniums (deer do too) and must have them in your yard, plant them in a high traffic area that the deer are less likely to access like around your front or back door.

Deer Don’ts

If you want to enjoy your plantings, don’t select varieties that you know the deer population finds tasty and spread them throughout your yard. If you are growing vegetables or an orchard, position it away from your other landscaping and be sure to pick the fruits and vegetables before they can become deer dinner as well.

One of our specialties at Whispering Springs Nursery is creating beautiful landscapes that will last and blend into the north Georgia woodlands in our surrounding areas of Jasper and Canton, GA. Give us a call today to schedule a landscape design appointment, or come by the nursery. We hope to see you soon!