Designing With Nature

Whispering Springs is situated in Jasper, GA and we are surrounded by beautiful woodlands. Pine trees, old oaks, honeysuckle, and wild azaleas can be found around almost every turn so when we install landscape designs, we do our best to beautify the natural area and work with the plants that grow best in our region.

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Our woodland gardens incorporate many of our deciduous plants, trees and shrubs. We do our best to make our landscape installations look like they have been there for years, on day one. Rather than trying to create a neighborhood look in the middle of the north Georgia mountains, we work with what nature has provided. When we are invited to your home to develop the perfect landscape design for you, the first thing we do is look at the lay of the land and the current trees and shrubs that are already growing. We do our best to work with those plants and trees that are already established and bring out their natural beauty instead of trying to replace them with a less natural, and therefore higher maintenance option.

Designing with Nature in Mind

We will be looking for things such as water run off or retention, shade versus sun, and encroaching undergrowth when deciding how we can best create a low maintenance  but relaxing and beautiful woodland garden for you. Some of our favorite plants include azaleas, hydrangeas, hostas, and ferns. These are all plants the grow well in our Georgia soil, without much amendment or additional care.

Would you like to create a shade garden to enjoy on these beautiful summer evenings? Give us a call today! We will create the perfect space for you in your Jasper, GA yard.