Don’t Make Deer Salad

Deer are herbivores. Just about anything lush and green, they will munch on and when it comes to your garden, the prettier and more highly prized your flowers are, the more likely the deer are to eat them. So what do you do? You call in Whispering Springs Nursery in Jasper, GA and have us install a deer resistant garden. 

Recognize Deer Damage

Orange flowers

Orange flowers of Butterfly Weed  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may be getting munched by your local herd of deer, and not even know it. The first steps to preventing deer damage is to learn to recognize it. Do you seen torn or shredded leaves from ground level to about five feet up? That’s a sign of deer. Because they don’t have upper incisor teeth, they tear their food rather than cutting through it. If you happen to see some deer droppings near by then you can rest assured that the deer have deemed your garden as a perfect place to snack.

Creating a Deer Resistant Garden

No plant is going to be 100% deer proof, but when choosing flowers to enhance your landscape, you can at least choose flowers that they are less likely to munch on. And don’t let the term ‘deer-resistant’ scare you away. There are many types of plants that deer are less likely to eat that are just as beautiful and showy as roses and tulips but aren’t as high on their list of favorite foods. Instead, go for purple-leaved basil, with silvery lamb’s ears, and ‘Moonshine’ yarrow.  Butterfly weed is a great option for a splash of orange color, caryopteris for purple blooms, and crocosmia with their sword shaped leaves and red, orange, or yellow blooms.

Are you ready to get planting? Or would you rather someone else come design and install your deer-resistant yard for you? Just call us at Whispering Springs Nursery and we will come up with a beautiful creation just for you!

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