Shining the Light on Your Landscape

The days are growing shorter and as soon as the time changes on November 3rd, the sun will be going down at nearly 5:30 pm leaving us with several hours of darkness before we are all actually ready for bed. So during these dark evening hours, don’t let your landscape go unappreciated. Whispering Springs Nursery can install a low voltage lighting system to highlight your beautiful home and landscape, even in the dark hours of the mornings and evenings.

When you’re ready to install lighting in your landscape, your first decision you have to make is where do you put it? Here are a three ideas that you should keep in mind when you plan your outdoor lighting at your Jasper, GA home:

  1. Make it Eye-Catching

    When your neighbors pass your house, you want them to stop and take a second look at the beautiful place you’ve created. Approach your landscape from a creative direction, and try to make the light accentuate the most unique features of your home.

  2. Guide Your Way

    Landscape lighting not only creates beauty, but of course also serves a purpose. Adding lighting to the foot paths around your home and your from your driveway to your house will help you get in and around your house with and early sunset.

  3. Mix and Match Your Style

    Using different types of lighting helps create interest and avoid a monotonous appearance. If you use lights on stakes, you can simply pull them up and move them around each year if plant growth has blocked the light.

Whispering Springs Nursery would love to help you create interest in your landscape with the perfect lighting. Give us a call today to schedule a design consultation!