Shoo Away Squirrels

Squirrels. Squirrels everywhere! They are in the trees, on your bird feeders, and in your birdbaths. You’ve even taken precautions against the cute, but still annoyingly pesky critters and bought “squirrel proof” bird feeders that had virtually no effect. Up here in Jasper, GA, Whispering Springs Nursery knows exactly how you feel about these rodents, and we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to help you keep them away from your precious bird seed.

squirrel eating from bird feeder

squirrel eating from bird feeder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Believe it or not, squirrels actually do have limits as far as how far they can jump up, over, or drop down. According to wildlife biologists, squirrels cannot jump more than 5 feet off of the ground onto a baffled feeder, and they are reluctant to drop down more than 9 feet. So, when placing your feeder, try to put it at least 7 feet from a tree or house and make it at least 5 feet tall and you will eliminate many squirrels ability to even reach the bird seed.

Soda Bottle

Despite their best acrobatic efforts, a simple soda bottle placed around the wires leading to your bird feeders will deter even the most graceful of squirrels. As your furry friends climb along the wires to the bird feeder, they will hit the soda bottle and roll right off! Keep in mind the first rule though, and make sure the feeder is at least nine feet below their nearest drop off branch or roof.

Slinky Trick

Threading the post of the bird feeder stand through the slinky will give the squirrels a downward ride every time. Attach one end of the slinky to the bottom of the feeder and when the squirrels try to climb up the post to the feeder, they will ride back to the ground on the slinky every time.

Cage in Your Feeder

A small sized wire mesh – like hardware cloth – will be perfect to protect your feeders from the squirrels. It will be large enough to allow the birds in, but small enough to keep the squirrels and big bully birds out.

Try out these anti-squirrel methods on your bird feeders – either one or all of them – and let us know what kind of success you have. You should be able to finally enjoy watching the birds feast on you feeders, and make the squirrels go back to watching from the trees.


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