How to Properly Plant a Tree

As we’re sure you’ve heard, Fall is prime time for planting. Now is the time to make any hardscape additions to your landscape such as trees and shrubs. To help make your Jasper, Georgia landscape design a success, Whispering Springs has some tips for you on the best way to plant trees. 

Kids Planting a TreeIf your tree has a root ball that is wrapped in burlap, determine if the burlap is natural or synthetic. Natural burlap repels water and should be removed from the upper portion of the root ball. If the burlap is synthetic, it should be removed completely so it does not restrict root growth.

When you dig the hole for your trees, it should be equal to or slightly lesser than the height of the root ball. Do not disturb the soil at the bottom of the hole. Make the hole two to three times wider than the root ball, giving the roots space to spread and grow.

If you notice that the roots have “circled” around the root ball or container that the tree was planted in, it is best to cut about 4 slices into the root ball, each about 1-2 inches deep. This promotes new root development.

When you’ve gotten your new tree or shrub in its hole, backfill the soil, making sure that you brake up any dirt clods first. Fill the hole halfway and tamp the soil, then fill the rest of the way and tamp again, ensuring that there are no air pockets.

Make sure that you are completely watering your new tree for the next several months. It needs 2 gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter every day for two weeks, then ever other day for two months, and finally once a week until it has become established.

Right now at Whispering Springs Nursery we have a wide selection of trees and shrubs ready for planting in your Canton, GA landscape. Come pick some out today and we’ll be happy to deliver and even install them at your Jasper, Georgia home!

Img via Flickr.