Step Aside Pansies, Make Room for Primroses

Your warm weather plants are just about done for the year. What are you going to do in your landscape or container garden to keep the color going throughout the winter months? Plant a selection of annuals! Pansies are the go to choice when it comes to adding color in the winter months, but primroses are gaining in popularity. Whispering Springs wants you to know more about this versatile plant so you can add it to your collection.

Primroses for Annual Winter ColorWhere to Plant

Primroses are technically considered a perennial, but because they often don’t make it through the hot summers – especially here in Jasper, GA  – they are more often treated as an annual. They prefer to be planted in a semi-shaded area in loamy soil, but will also tolerate average to poor soil conditions. If they are planted in a particularly moist, shady environment, they might hold up throughout the summer.

Choosing a Primrose

The primrose family consists of about 400 varieties. They have dark green, crisp leaves and brightly colored flowers. They don’t mind rain and they won’t be attacked by slugs either. Some common species include fairy primrose, German primrose, and English primroses. Some stand tall, near 8 inches, while others stay closer to the ground, blooming on stems that are only 3 inches long.

In addition to primroses and pansies, if you’d like to add a wider variety of colors and selections to your winter landscaping, select ornamental kale, snapdragons, and calendulas. We’ve got lots to choose from here at our Jasper, GA garden center, so we hope to see you visiting soon!