January Garden To-Dos

Bare Root RosesThe cold winter January weather is settling into the north Georgia mountains here in Jasper, GA but if you want to keep busy in your garden, there are plenty of things you could be crossing off of your to-do list if you’re brave enough to stand the cold. Whispering Springs Nursery has a list of things to keep your thumb green, even when the leaves have gone brown.

  • Prepare your beds for bare root roses that will soon be in the nurseries. Dig holes that are four feet wide by twelve inches deep and backfill them with plenty of soil conditioner to help them grow.
  • When all of the leaves have dropped off of the trees in your landscape, it makes it easy to see their structure. Mark the ones you’d like to prune off and step back to make sure everything looks right before you get out your loppers.
  • If you have a clump of unwanted kudzu or bamboo, now is the time to attack it. Chop it to the ground now and apply weed killer to the leaves in April.
  • Make sure you’re watering all of your pansies and other winter annuals before each hard freeze. The water helps to insulate their roots and protect them from the damaging cold.
  • If you’re allergic to poison ivy, you can’t let down your guard even though the leaves are gone. The dry vine can still give you a nasty reaction.
  • Prune your fruit trees including apples, pears, and grape vines.

Do you have things on your January to-do list that we left off? Share them with us in the comments below!

Img via Flickr.