3 Reasons to Add an Arbor to Your Landscape

Custom ArborArbors are beautiful additions to your landscape. They provide not only a beautiful piece of art, but also serve a functional purpose. These are 3 reasons that you should add a custom arbor to your Big Canoe landscape. 

1. Creating Shade

Does your landscape get so much sun that you can’t sit outdoors to enjoy your yard in the heat of the summer? An arbor will create a space that is cool and comfortable for you and your family to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

2. Creating a Place for Plants

The romantic image of a climbing rose draping off the roof of a wood arbor is iconic. Get this picturesque view right in your own back yard by planting a climbing rose or other favorite vine on your arbor. Come spring time, your custom arbor will be covered with your favorite blooms.

3. A Centerpiece for Design

If you’re looking to redesign your landscape this spring, a custom arbor is the perfect place to start. Whether you want your arbor over a bench or seating area, or built as a gate into your yard, a custom arbor is the perfect center piece to a classic and stylish landscape design.

Whispering Springs Nursery is lucky to have the expertise of James Grno working for our garden center and landscape design team. He is an excellent carpenter that has been creating custom landscape elements for clients for over 13 years. Call us today to schedule a meeting with James so that he can design the perfect arbor or other carpentry creation for your Jasper, GA landscape.