A Shady Retreat

Pond-Less Water FeatureEvery landscape has a low spot or two. An area where the sun just never seems to shine, the ground is always wet, and nothing will seem to grow. This is quite common around the Big Canoe area, as most people have heavily wooded landscapes which leads to shady flower beds. Rather than leaving that corner of your yard to become your dog’s mud pit, Whispering Springs Nursery offers three alternatives for taking that corner of your yard from a “before” to an “after.”

Lay a Stone Patio

A great option to make a corner of your yard that was once useless, functional! It not only increases the visual appeal to your landscape, but also increases your livable space. Large, flat rocks look the best for Jasper, GA homes – they appear natural and blend into the beauty of nature’s landscape. You can fill in the spaces in between the rocks with either a grout/concrete mix, or with your favorite ground covers.

Shade Loving Ground Covers

This is one of your cheapest options for turning that ugly corner into a beautiful piece of property. Simply choose a ground cover that is deer-resistant, and plant away! You don’t have to pay for any construction expenses, and you still have a beautiful result.

Install a Pond

Rather than trying to fight to keep the moisture away from that low spot in your landscape, just give in and create a small pond or waterfall.

We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you create the landscape of your dreams!