All About Mistletoe!

The holiday season is full of tradition that we follow year after year and pass down from generation to generation. But where do they come from? What is the purpose of hanging mistletoe and kissing under it? Why do we use mistletoe in the first place?

Mistletoe has been long revered throughout European history. In early folklore, it was considered to promote fertility and life. It also protected against poison. In ancient, pre Christian eras, it was collected during the summer and winter solstices. It was hung from ceilings by the bushel to ward off what were believed to be evil spirits. In Scandinavia, it was believed that mistletoe could provide fertility. It is believed that this idea is directly linked to its place in Christmas tradition.mistletoe

Today, Mistletoe is hung form the ceiling during the wintertime as a holiday tradition. In 18th century, if a lady stood under the mistletoe, she could not refuse a kiss. If no one chose to kiss her, she was not expected to get married within the next year. If someone was kissed under the mistletoe, it could be a sign of romance or friendship. If the girl remained un-kissed, she cannot expect not to marry the following year. In England, many people burn the mistletoe on the 12th night of Christmas in following of old traditions. Today, kissing under the mistletoe is a fun tradition for families all over the world!

We hope you share this festive tradition with your friends and family this year!