Cultivate Your Backyard Dreams

backyard trellis

Backyard Ideas

Imagine for a moment being in your backyard on a lovely, summer day. Looking up, puffy clouds drift across the sapphire sky and the warmth of the sun gives your skin tiny kisses. The sweet scent of flowers suddenly fills your senses and you open your eyes to see the masterpiece that is your backyard. Sounds great, right? Georgia residents you could turn this backyard fantasy into reality with Whispering Springs Nursery.

Winter is the perfect time to begin planning your landscaping dreams, especially if you hope to enjoy your yard during those fast approaching warm weather months. While planting flowers, shrubs or trees during wintertime may not always be ideal, right now is a wonderful time to begin creating a design plan and setting your budget.

While some landscaping projects are best left to the professionals, there are plenty of great DIY ideas you can use to jazz up your backyard. Some of these ideas you can even begin working on right now (if you don’t mind the cold)!

  • Raised Garden Bed –  Create a unique raised garden bed for your yard with attractive, rot-resistant cedar or red-wood. This makes gardening easy; no more painful knees! It also allows for great water drainage through the soil, making it easy to grow phenomenal flowers and impeccable vegetables.

  • Garden/Lawn Paths – If you want to steer people through your yard or garden area, paths are the best way to keep everyone on track (no flower stompers allowed). Paths can be created using various materials; many use flagstone, crushed gravel or pebbles, concrete, stepping stones or even a simple dirt path. Even if you don’t want to do the actual work right now (winter, brrr!), you can go ahead and put your design plan on paper. Draw out the dimensions of your yard and play with the ‘shapes’ you want your path to make.

  • Arbors, Cabana’s and Trellis’ (oh, my!) – Adding a piece of backyard ‘furniture’ is a delightful, not to mention quick way of reinvigorating your lawn space. Add an arbor bench for the perfect outdoor reading space or a ivy filled trellis to make your yard more visually appealing. Cabana’s are great spaces for outdoor entertaining, and can be found in low and high price points.

These ideas are barely a drip in the watering can! There are a plethora of other great lawn options and inspirations out there to explore. At Whispering Springs Nursery we specialize in landscape design and installation. Want a waterfall or pond? Contact us today for pricing!