Holiday in the Sun

Keeping plants healthy when they’re fully exposed to sunlight can be a challenge, but knowing which plants are suited for full sun is the key. Try sticking with native plants, as well as plants that are tolerant to heat and drought. Then, simply plan an arrangement and put that green thumb to work!

Full Sun Annuals

sunflowerBecause of their tendency to be tough and drought resistant, many annuals make popular and fitting choices for planting in full sun. Kansas’ state flower, the sunflower, isn’t picky about soil condition, making it a great choice for easy-going gardening in direct sunlight. Marigolds are similarly low-maintenance and come in different styles such as French, African and Triploid.

Full Sun Perennials

Plenty of perennials also fare well in hot, sunny conditions. Lavender loves hot, dry conditions, and smells wonderful anywhere you plant it. Any area that is nutrient-challenged is a great place for hens and chicks, or sempervivum, a unique style of succulent. The mother plant of this species always stays attached to its babies, helping them grow, so planting these with your children is a fun way to teach them about gardening.

Sunny Border Plants

The smaller, shorter plants used for edging and borders in your garden can often be susceptible to direct sunlight, but not with our help. It’s very important to keep soil type and moisture in mind when choosing your border plants. Yarrow, while technically an herb, is great for garden borders and is nearly care-free once planted. The beautiful daylily, which now has over 35,000 different hybrids, is another gardener’s favorite that needs little attention after you plant it.

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