Give Holiday Greenery a Fresh Twist

Tired of that faded, plastic Christmas wreath you hang over the fireplace year after year? Nature abounds with holiday greenery that’s just begging for a place in your home. Add variety to your living Christmas decorations with these holiday tips from Whispering Springs.

Fresh Ideas for Christmas Greenery

  1. Succulents. Want a holiday wreath that will last all season and isn’t made of plastic? Succulents make the holiday home feel fresher and more alive. They also stay alive, even if you have a black thumb or forget to water them before hitting the road this Christmas. Decorate with succulents in cute containers, as mantlepiece accents, or even in a holiday wreath.
  2. red twig hearts and holiday berriesRed Twig Dogwoods. These shrubs have a fiery holiday presence. Slender, elegant, and bold red, Red Twig Dogwood cuttings are perfect for adding color and height to Christmas greenery. They’re also gorgeous on their own. Place woody branches in a tall, elegant vase with white, silver, or gold filler stones.
  3. Mistletoe. Mistletoe is good for more than stealing kisses. Make a mistletoe holiday wreath for a simple, elegant holiday decoration for the door or mantle. Bonus: no one can catch you beneath the mistletoe without your say-so!
  4. Evergreens. Why mess with a good thing? Firs, cedars, and other evergreens have fragrant branches that make excellent wreaths, garlands, and spots of color scattered around the house. Keep ‘em simple or add your own twist with ribbons, berries, and festive holiday decorations.

Have you visited Whispering Springs lately? Stop by our Jasper nursery for more holiday plants and decor.