Keep Deer Out of the Garden!

Sometimes it’s exciting to see a deer, but there are definitely places we don’t want them to be–especially in front of our cars and in our gardens! Whispering Springs Nursery in Jasper, GA offers a beautiful variety of deer-resistant plants to help keep your garden nibble-free, but here are some other tips to keep these gentle nuisances away.

Your first step is probably deer-proof fencing. Deer are pretty stubborn, but with a little work you can deter them from bothering your garden. In addition to traditional fencing solutions, consider stringing fishing wire around your garden. Fishing wire is tough enough to repel deer, but not injure them. Plus, since it’s invisible, it won’t interfere with your view. deer

Look for unpleasant smells. Deer, like many animals, live and die by their sense of smell. There are many deer repellent sprays on the market. Make sure to rotate them throughout the growing season so deer don’t get used to them. Human hair and the urine of predators will also deter deer. Also look for plants with a distinctive, lingering smell, like lavender or other herbs. Deer will try to avoid these smells because they don’t want predators to be able to smell them later.

And finally, if you have a dog, let them into the garden as often as possible! They can keep an eye out for deer when you’re not around, and deer will smell your pup even when he or she is inside and avoid the area.

Still having trouble with deer gnawing on your precious plants? Come talk to us at Whispering Springs Nursery!

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