Protect Plants from Heat Stress

We know gardeners get worn out in the heat, but did you know your garden can suffer from heat stress too? If your plants have suddenly started dropping leaves or looking wilted or bleached, check the thermostat. Soaring temperatures may be to blame. At Whispering Springs Nursery in Jasper, GA we understand the hot Georgia climate and how it can harm your garden. Here are some ways to protect your plants from heat stress.

Fstick figure man sweats in the sunirst, continue to water your plants properly. Enough water is extra important when it’s very hot, because heat increases evaporation and can dry out the soil. You don’t want to drown or rot your plants, so avoid the temptation to overwater–just make sure the soil is as moist as your plants need. When it’s very hot outside, watering early in the morning will help your soil absorb the water before the sun light becomes too strong. 

Otherwise, consider ways to keep direct sunlight off your plants, such as mulching, shade cloths, or row covers. Row covers and shade cloths will keep the direct sunlight off your plants while still allowing proper airflow if you make sure they are placed high enough. Mulch will help keep water evaporation to a minimum and protect your plants’ roots from the sun. This is great for plants that need protection from heat but still need many hours of sunlight. Whispering Springs Nursery has a great selection of mulches, plus the expertise to help you pick the correct one for your specific garden’s needs.

Come by our nursery and let’s get started protecting your garden from heat!

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