Back Off, Bloodsuckers!

Spending long evenings in the garden with family and friends is one of the best parts of summer, but–ugh, what do you do about all those bloodsuckers? Mosquito bites aren’t just itchy; they can also be dangerous. Before you reach for the bug spray or smelly chemicals, however, consider mosquito-repellant plants for a beautiful, natural way to keep your skin free of bites.

Most of the plants that repel mosquitoes are herbs, which makesmosquito sense: herbs tend to have a pungent smell, which is what dissuades bugs. Perhaps most obviously, citronella plants are great for this! Citronella oil is an ingredient in almost all bug sprays. If you’ve only ever smelled citronella in a chemical candle or bug spray, though, don’t be fooled. Not only are they attractive and super effective but citronella plants have a fresh and clean scent that you’ll love as much as the mosquitoes hate it. If citronella isn’t your cup of tea, or if you’d just like a little more variety, consider strong-smelling herbs like lavender, peppermint, sage, and even catnip! Try tossing sage in the flames next time you gather around an outdoor fire for a little summer magic. 

Herbs aren’t the only plants that keep mosquitoes at bay. There are a couple of different flowers that can also get the job done, including marigolds and ageratum, also called the floss flower. Marigolds are a great choice, since these easy annuals don’t need much advanced care. Both marigolds and floss flowers will thrive in bright sunlight, and will be a colorful as well as useful addition to your garden.

If you’re ready to take control of your mosquito problem, call Whispering Springs Nursery in Jasper, GA or come down to our nursery any time. We’d love to help you create a beautiful solution!

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