Our Favorite Woodland Shrubs for Your Outdoor Landscape

shrubsAre you searching for beautiful shrubs for your outdoor landscape? The right shrubs can transform your lawn into an outdoor oasis you’ll never want to leave. Consider three of the best shrubs to plant in your lawn:

Attractive Azaleas

Azaleas are a beautiful addition to your outdoor landscape. They add that pop of color you’ve been searching for, and it truly brings out the green in your lawn. Because azaleas have shallow roots, you’ll want to plant them in an area that easily drains water. If your lawn collects water easily, you may want to create a container garden with your azaleas. (Did you know? Gibbs Garden in Ball Ground, Georgia, has a 70-acre azalea garden!)

Beautiful Boxwood

If you have an empty area in your lawn or want a simple shrub to compliment your blooming azaleas, boxwood shrubs would be perfect. These easy-to-maintain shrubs provide a stunning look to your landscape. When you plant them, make sure to put them in an area with a lot of light. Additionally, boxwood shrubs need plenty of deep watering for at least the first two years so they can thrive.

Gorgeous Gardenia

If you’re searching for a shrub that’s beautiful and produces pleasant-smelling flowers, look no further than the gardenia shrub. This shrub produces shiny, green leaves and stunning flowers all summer long. (They love the summer sun!) Because these shrubs have a re-blooming capability, you can enjoy these flowers through the fall season.

The team at Whispering Springs Nursery would be more than happy to help you pick out the shrubs for your outdoor landscape. Come by our nursery or contact us today with your questions.

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