How To Prune Your Shrubs Like a Pro

Home with well trimmed shrubsShrubbery plays an important role in landscape design. When landscape is properly designed, shrubs can add form to an outdoor space (such as when they function as walls or dividers), or they can be purely ornamental, adding texture and color to the landscaping. Keeping your shrubs pruned properly will help them mature into the superstars of your lawn or garden, so here are some of our top shrub pruning tips to help you trim your shrubs like a pro:

  • Buy the Right Tools – Cheap tools will do a poor job. Regardless of whether you’re using a saw, shears, or pruners, you need to get quality tools.
  • Prune at the Right Time – Pruning at the wrong time of year may cause your ornamental shrubs to flower less. In general, plants that flower before May should be pruned after they have already bloomed, while summer-flowering plants should be pruned before their spring growth begins.
  • Cut to a Bud, Trunk, or Branch – Don’t just make your cuts wherever. If you fail to cut a branch back to either the plant’s trunk, to a bud, or to a lateral branch, you will leave an unsightly stub behind.

Of course, another way you can ensure that your shrubbery, trees, and lawn get expert care and attention is to call the professionals at Whispering Springs! Our North Georgia lawn care services include pruning both shrubs and small trees, along with many other services. Contact us at 770-893-1254 for more information about our lawn care services or landscape design services.