Beat the Heat with Hardy Indoor Plants for Summer

Pothos plant on bookshelf

The summer heat in north Georgia is no joke, and it can be as tough on plants as it is on us humans! If you’re looking to scratch a gardening itch without spending time outdoors in the sweltering sun and stifling humidity, check out these hardy houseplants to grow indoors this summer. 


This tropical vine is one of the most popular houseplants for a reason. Pothos can handle low to bright light, although medium to bright light will allow them to develop more attractive variegation on the leaves. They are quite forgiving when it comes to watering, and best of all, they are superstars when it comes to air purification! According to some research, pothos can remove common indoor pollutants released by furniture, carpeting, building materials, and cleaning products

Aloe vera

As a succulent, aloe vera requires minimal watering, which means it will be just fine when you come back from your summer vacation. Aloe thrives in container gardens and makes a great addition to a sunny windowsill in your kitchen. If you ever burn yourself on a hot pan or the oven door, snap off an aloe leaf – the inner flesh of the plant produces a gel-like substance that soothes minor burns, aids in healing, and inhibits bacterial growth


Monstera deliciosa (also known as Swiss Cheese Plant) is having quite a moment on Instagram these days, but it will remain a classic house plant due to its elegant form and tropical vibes. During the summer, monsteras can sprout up to a dozen new leaves, which can be left to trail horizontally or trained on a trellis for more vertical growth. 

What are your favorite houseplants to grow? Whatever you’re looking for, visit us at Whispering Springs Nursery in Jasper to shop our large selection of indoor and outdoor plants. We can also help you update your outdoor areas with landscape design and maintenance, hardscaping, and even deer-resistant softscaping, so contact us today to learn more.