Garden Not Gloom

Name that movie: “Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy.”

We may not need Elle Woods to tell us that physical activity is good for us. Did you know gardening is also good for you? Well, beyond the physical benefits (planting flowerbeds is a pretty good workout!), gardening is amazing for your mental health. With all of this craziness, we know we need some good mental health practices so we figured we would share what we know.

plants labeled for happiness and good health

Top Mental Health Benefits of Gardening:

  1. Practicing acceptance. This does not mean giving up on something that’s not going your way, but rather learning to accept what you can and cannot control.
  2. Moving beyond perfectionism. No matter how much you try to plan to make the perfect garden, there will always be elements outside your control like deer or worms that eat your plants or bad weather to ruin the plants. Learn to accept these things and love your garden regardless.
  3. Developing a growth mindset. What is thinking with a growth mindset? Knowing that we are constantly growing and learning. When things do not go our way, a growth mindset will help you realize this was just another opportunity to learn and grow.
  4. Connecting with others. This is so important, especially now. We may not be able to meet and plant together at this time but there are several avenues to connect with fellow gardeners right now. Chat with our experts at Whispering Springs Nursery. Connect with us (and your local gardening community) on Facebook. Ask your inner circle if they’ve discovered a green thumb while sheltering in place. Gardening and chatting with others is a great way to feel connected while we are all stuck at home.
  5. Connecting to your world. This may sound weird but there is just something about planting, harvesting, and feeding yourself and your family with food you grew and cared for yourself that makes you feel like part of something bigger.
  6. Forest bathing. This comes from a Japanese term which paints a beautiful picture of yourself being completely immersed in nature. Benefits from just being out in nature include: less anxiety/depression, better stress management, faster recovery from surgery, and many other health benefits.
  7. Being present. Many find a centering effect while gardening. Mindful presence is tied to many health benefits including less relationship reactivity and more relationship satisfaction.
  8. Physical exercise. Regularly moving your body leads to less anxiety and better general mood.
  9. Reducing stress. If you’ve ever sat in a sunny garden and let your mind drift, you know it’s an instant mood-lifter.
  10. Healthy Eating. Growing your own food isn’t just satisfying when you’re digging up carrots. It’s also great for giving you important nutrients in a time when produce shelves at the grocery store are sparse.

If these are not enough reasons to get out and garden, here is one more: what else do we have to do right now? Whispering Springs is open and just waiting for you. We have knowledgeable employees that are willing to help with anything. We’re also offering curbside pickup due to popular request. Want to order ahead? Give us a call and we’ll have your order ready to go. Even if you just want to get out of the house for a drive, we would love to see a familiar face (even at a six foot distance).

Now is the time for us to rally together and support each other. We would love to help you create your favorite new backyard sanctuary.