Is Your Yard Ready For Autumn?

When summer nights turn cool, it means it’s time to start preparing your yard for the new season. Is your yard ready for autumn?

Here’s what you can do now to ensure that when spring comes your grass is green and flowers are blooming:

Remove any dead annuals.

Clean up your yard by removing any dead annuals to keep everything looking fresh.

Prune any plants.

It’s also to cut back any dead or wilted stems on your other plants.

Inspect your fence.

In order to prevent any issues in your fence from getting worse during the colder seasons, it’s important to inspect it and fix any holes, chipped board, or broken pieces.

Clean your gutters.

Before more leaves start falling, it’s important to clear your gutter of any debris in the meantime. Then add cleaning your gutters regularly to your maintenance schedule throughout the fall season.

Drain any pools or ponds.

Leaves that fall into pools and fountains can clog pumps, create dirty water, and introduce algae. It’s best to drain them for the season and then refill them once winter comes.

Refill your bird feeders.

As the weather gets colder, it is more difficult for birds to find food! Bring some beauty to your yard with some bird feeders with lots of bird seeds.

Plant bulbs and hardy vegetables.

Planting bulbs and vegetables is an important part of preparing your garden for the next growing season!

Check your driveway.

Ice can majorly damage your driveway, so you’ll want to check for any cracks or potential issues in the fall. It’s important to prevent these issues that can happen in the winter.

Ensure your outdoor lights are working.

In the fall and winter, days are shorter and nights are longer, so you’ll want to be sure any outdoor lights are working to help keep you safe.

Clean outdoor furniture.

Properly cleaning your outdoor furniture regularly helps ensure that it lasts longer against the natural elements.

This list may seem like a lot to do on your own, but we’re here to help! If you need assistance getting your yard in tip top shape this fall, we offer yard maintenance at Whispering Springs. Give us a call today at 770-893-1254 for more information on our yard maintenance services!