Wacking Weeds – Maintaining Your Landscape

How is your yard looking these days? Overgrown with weeds or completely eaten by deer? Whispering Springs Nursery in Jasper, GA can help! We provide yard maintenance services and landscape design services – specializing in creating deer resistant gardens. Landscape Maintenance

Our yard maintenance package includes everything you need to keep your yard looking well cared for.

  • Expert pruning of shrubs and small trees
    • All trees and shrubs need to be pruned to help promote their natural beauty and keep them at a reasonable size within your landscape. We can prune your trees, shrubs, roses, and more in a way so that they are able to grow healthy and strong, yet not overtake the look of your yard.
  • Clean up of planting beds
    • Garden beds are beautiful when they are first planted, but as they grow, they need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. We will perform weed control, mulching, fertilization, leaf removal, and seasonal maintenance of plant material such as dead-heading perennials. These services keep your garden beds clean and tidy throughout the year.
  • Maintenance of ponds and water features
    • Whether you have a pond of your favorite fish, a water fall, or other water feature, each of these require specific maintenance duties year long to keep them fully operational and keep their flora and fauna healthy. Ponds in particular that contain fish require special attention during the colder months to help your fish stay healthy until the freezing temperatures lift.

Our yard maintenance services are offered on a schedule that fits your needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation and take your landscape from blah to beautiful!