Forcing Beautiful

Winter can be cold, grey, harsh, and downright dreary. When the temperatures turn to freezing, most of us will stay cuddled up inside near our fireplaces with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. That time of year is when you can really appreciate a pop of color in your home or landscape. Bring the beauty from the outdoors in by forcing bulbs indoors. Whispering Springs has the tips on how to make beautiful bulbs bloom in glass containers in your home.

Paperwhite Bulbs in WaterTypes of Bulbs That Can Be Forced

Many types of bulbs can be forced, but some will have to go through a chilling time in the refrigerator. Smaller bulbs like crocus, grape hyacinths, miniature daffodils, iris, and tulips are easy to force, but they’ll need several weeks of chilling depending on their variety. Others  such as the amaryllis or paperwhites don’t need this simulated winter and can be potted up according to the package directions, watered, and set in a bright spot to grow and bloom.

Growing in Water

Paperwhites and gladiolus can be forced without soil, in just water and some rocks. These make for a really unique center piece or unique holiday gift for a fellow gardener. To force these bulbs, start with a a few rocks in the bottom of a vase. Add one bulb per vase, setting it on top of the rocks. Pour a small amount of warm water into the vase, to just below the bottom of the bulb – you don’t need to get the bulb wet. In a few days, the bulbs should start putting out roots and as the roots take up water, continue to add a little water at a time to the vases. Now, just watch your bulbs grow and flower! Don’t forget to keep providing them the water that they need.

Looking for more great ideas on planting bulbs? Come see us at Whispering Springs Nursery in Jasper, Georgia! We’d love to help you get creative with your garden this winter so that you have a pop of color all season long. 

Img via Flickr.