Soil Testing for Landscaping, Gardening, and Wildlife Flood Plots

Most of the soil here in north Georgia is our wonderful red clay. It you aren’t knowledgeable about the proper types of plants to install and don’t provide them with the correct soil amendment and fertilizers, you’ll have a tough time trying to create a beautiful landscape. Thanks to the University of Georgia Extension office, you can get help with understanding the mineral content of your soil and what types of fertilizers you’ll need to bring it to the proper concentration to encourage plant growth.

Soil TestingWhy Test Your Soil

Soil testing is free to everyone – whether you are just a backyard gardener or a commercial landscaper. Getting your soil tested is as easy as reading the instructions on the UGA Extension office website and mailing in your sample. You’ll hear back from the office in a about 10 days and you’ll have clear instructions on what types of fertilizers you should be adding to your soil to help make your landscaping efforts a success.

Who Should Test Their Soil

Everyone should take advantage of this cheap and extremely helpful resource provided by your local extension office. Whether you are planting a vegetable garden, installing sod, or trying to grow a food plot to invite wildlife closer to home, all of you can benefit from getting your soil tested. The test results will help you apply the correct amounts of fertilizers and lime so that you aren’t over spending on supply costs, or causing more damage to your soil.

Whispering Springs Nursery recommends soil testing to all of our landscape design customers. If you’re ready to turn the backyard of your Big Canoe home into an oasis, give us a call! We’d love to come out and work with you to create the perfect garden for your afternoon escape.

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