How to Overwinter Outdoor Potted Plants

Fall Container Recipe

Black mondo grass, (Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’), bishop’s weed (Aegopodium podagraria var. variegatum) and pink oxalis (Oxalis crassipes).

In Jasper, GA and the surrounding areas of Big Canoe and Bent Tree, many avid gardeners tend to plant their favorite plants and shrubs in containers so that they can keep them close to their house, away from our hungry deer population. But, if you opt to go with container gardening, that comes with its own set of challenges including keeping your plants alive during the frigid winter temperatures. Whispering Springs Nursery can help you make sure that your plants make it through our tough winters to thrive again come spring.

Tips for Overwintering Containers

  • Plant your selections in larger containers to provide more insulation. The more soil between the root ball system and the side of the pot, the more insulation those roots will have.
  • New roots grow on the outside of the root ball which leaves them susceptible to cold weather damage. Using thicker pots or lining your pots with an inch of foam will help protect those vulnerable roots.
  • Wrap the pots with bubble wrap, blankets, burlap, or geotextile blankets to shield them from the cold. It’s not the top of the plant that needs protecting so you can leave those unwrapped.
  • Select plants that are cold hardy to 2 zones cooler than yours.
  • Put plants in the right area – next to a wall or behind a shelter made of straw bales, and group them together. Put the hardier plants on the outside of the group.

Do you have your own favorite tips for making sure that your potted plants make it through the winter healthy and ready to bloom in spring? share them with us in the comments below!