Best Fruits for North Georgia

BlueberriesWe love fruit. Especially fresh fruit grown right in your own backyard. Choosing the right fruits to grow in your Jasper, GA yard here in north Georgia is relatively easy, and your selection is wide. Whispering Springs Nursery shares a few of our favorite and easiest to grow fruits for the north Georgia climate and soil. 


Blueberries are one of the easiest to grow fruits for our climate. You can just about plant them and forget them, although a little attention and fertilization with some cotton seed meal definitely wouldn’t hurt. They tend to grow slowly at first, so if you buy bigger bushes, you’ll get a bigger crop of fruit in your first year.


Peaches are excellent growers in our zone, that’s why Georgia is known as the peach state! Plant your peaches in well drained, moderately fertile soil with full sun. Six weeks after planting, fertilize with one pound of nitrogen fertilizer.


Unlike many fruits, most grapes are self-fertile. That means that you do not need to buy more than one plant for cross pollination. Plant bare root grapes in early spring and construct an arbor or trellis for them to climb on to limit their tendency for disease.


You can grow strawberries just about anywhere, but in our area you will probably get better results by planting them in containers. This way, you can keep the birds and other wildlife from stealing your fruit before you can get to it.

Are you considering planting fruit at your Big Canoe home this spring? Let us know what you’re thinking about planting!

Img via Flickr.