Letting the Christmas Spirit Live On

This season, Whispering Springs invites you to join us at our Jasper, GA nursery to start a new holiday tradition: choosing one of our ball and burlap Christmas trees to let your family’s 2013 Christmas spirit live on for years to come. Choosing a ball and burlap Christmas tree allows your family to plant the tree in your landscape after the holidays have passed so that you can remember Christmas 2013 forever. If you are used to choosing a cut tree or if in past years you have gone with a fake tree, you’ll need to know these tips about ball and burlap Christmas trees to keep them alive and healthy before you plant them in your landscape.

  • Always carry the tree by the root ball, not the trunk. Carrying it by the trunk can damage the roots. Be prepared to ask for some help to move your tree – it will be heavy!

    Ball and Burlap Christmas Tree

    A small Norway spruce in a planter.

  • Try to keep the tree as cool as possible. Even letting it rest in your unheated garage or basement for a few days before bringing it inside will help it adjust to going indoors.
  • Keep the root ball moist! It is important to give the tree enough water, but not drown it. Just water it thoroughly so that the root ball is moist, and water again a few days later when the water is almost gone.
  • Dig the hole for planting your tree as soon as you buy it, not after the holidays. This is so you make sure that you have a place to plant your tree when Christmas has passed, just in case the ground has frozen at that point.

Choosing ball and burlap Christmas trees is a fun way to keep Christmas alive all year long. Once you plant your tree in your landscape after the holiday, you’ll always be able to look at it and remember the fun and memories that you made this Christmas. Whispering Springs Nursery is carrying Norway spruce trees and Deodar cedars as ball and burlap Christmas trees, both of which grow great in Big Canoe, Bent Tree, and Jasper, GA areas. 

Img via Flickr.